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Microbiology Laboratory Notebook

Microbiology Laboratory Notebook

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Spark up your days in the lab with this cute Laboratory Notebook! Designed to brighten up your scientific journey, this notebook showcases common microbiology lab essentials on its cover, including a bunsen burner, a petri dish, and microbes under a microscope lens.

This notebook includes:

• A table of contents
• 6 research project overviews
• 12 monthly planning pages with calendars
• 126 pages for experimental notes
• 8 pages for solutions, buffers and reagents
• A colourful and unique hardcover design

The smooth 80 lbs paper makes it perfect for writing with your favourite pens and highlighters without having the ink show on the other side. The books are made in Canada and lay completely flat when open to facilitate writing in them. 




• Cover Size: 8.75" x 11.625"
• Inner page size: 8.5" x 11.375"
• Pages: 156
• Paper weight: 80 lbs

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