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Flow Cytometry Acrylic Keychain

Flow Cytometry Acrylic Keychain

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Our Flow Cytometry Keychain is the perfect accessory for scientists, researchers, and anyone who loves flow! This cute keychain features cells going through the stream of the cytometer and emitting light after being excited by a laser.

 The flow cytometer is a powerful tool that can analyze and sort thousands of cells per second based on their size, shape, and fluorescence properties. It has revolutionized the fields of immunology, hematology, oncology, and more, and it continues to advance our understanding of the complexity and diversity of life.

With this keychain, you can carry a symbol of your passion and expertise wherever you go. Whether you attach it to your keys, backpack, or lab coat, you'll always have a reminder of the wonders of science and the importance of curiosity and innovation. The charm is made of clear acrylic and is approximately 2" in length. The image is also mirrored so that it is identical on both sides of the keychain. It comes packages in a clear bag with a backing card, making it an ideal gift for yourself or your fellow flow cytometry enthusiasts. 




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